Balboa is a partner dance originating in the 1920s and ‘30s in Southern California. It is primarily danced in a close embrace to fast music and emphasizes partner communication through subtle body movement and weight shifts, which most viewers cannot see. Balboa may not seem as “flashy” as Swing, but the beauty lies in the subtlety. Dialogue created between partners can be complex and fascinating from the very first steps. The small dance steps allow the dancers to dance in a relatively small space to fast Swing music – perfect for crowded dance halls.

Traditionally, Balboa has two prominent styles – Pure Bal, true to the original dance, and Bal Swing, which is influenced by Swing and Lindy Hop and is therefore open to more variations. Balboa's base courses allow students to master the basics of both styles. The advanced courses deal with more complex and classic movements, dancing to faster tempos, and much more.

At Swing it (formerly Holy Lindy Land), Balboa is a dance track of its own. Given its emphasis on partner connection, and quick footwork, Balboa is recommended for both beginner and advanced Swing dancers.