You Know You're an Israhopper When

Written by מאיה שפירא. Posted in Pink Dance Shoes

Credit: Itay Sisso –

Every scene has its own unique characteristics, and the Israeli swing community is no exception. We definitely have our fill of shared experiences and inside jokes. Here's a checklist to see how much of a hardcore Israhopper you are:


1. You sometimes wish you were around in the 1930’s… and on second thought you don’t

2. You’ve been to electro swing parties at Milk/Bootleg/Dizengoff 99 and showed those hipsters how it’s done

3. Your non-dancer friends know not to ask you out on Mondays or Thursdays… or Tuesdays… or Wednesdays…

4. You know where to find suspenders and fake Keds in the Carmel market

5. You’re on a first name basis with the cobbler on King George street

6. You shop for clothes at the Dizengoff square vintage market, but always do a "can I swivel in this?" test before purchasing

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