Variety Stomp – Fess Williams

Written by Holy Lindy Land. Posted in שיר השבוע

Fess Williams! Who? Yep, Fess Williams!

A band leader, arranger who played the clarinet, alto saxophone and violin. And not just that, he was leading His Royal Flush Orchestra to play them tunes in the Savoy Balroom. Not sure if they played Variety Stomp, but we suppose they did. Not so common on modern Lindy Hop dancefloors, but we think it's worth trying, and maybe feel some black bottom and early breakaway style coming up?!

An impressive song that has an amazing saxophone solo, but it also proves Fess's ability to arrange an awesome swingfeel at the end of the 20's, just before Chick Webb took over?!

Williams played in a style pretty close to Ted Lewis one, but just a bit more crazy, or just less smooth? Because of his love for squeaky, animal like funny sounds, or just because of going crazy? Up to you to make an interpretation. But anyway he liked slapstick and making a good show as much as just playing the songs.
Anyway, damn danceable and worth checking out. Savoy, ow yeah, those were the days…