Bluesy Buenos Aires

Written by מאיה שפירא. Posted in Pink Dance Shoes

Yes – tango and dulce de leche. SO MUCH dulce de leche. But for me Buenos Aires was also about great people, Blues and Swing dancing.

I was visiting the city to see my good friend Lilaj and had the opportunity to teach a couple of solo blues workshops while I was there. This was my first time teaching my own solo workshop outside of Israel. I was a bit nervous about teaching my own material in another country, but once I met the students I knew we would have a good time. The fact that they didn't laugh me out the room when I made an attempt to speak in Spanish was a positive start to the day.

buenos aires

The first workshop was about classic solo blues movements, which we put together in a routine so we could practice them in a fun way. The second workshop was about finding inspiration in unexpected places and using your own creativity to find new movements. The creativity workshop is my favorite one to teach since we get to be silly and enjoy ourselves while making interesting discoveries. I’ve taught this kind of class a few times and always learn from it too, as the students tend to have new ideas I haven’t necessarily thought of myself. I like having the two workshops together, as we start from the vintage classics and then move forward to modern ideas. Click to continue reading –>