Bringing in the New Year at Snowball

Written by מאיה שפירא. Posted in Pink Dance Shoes

I landed back home from Stockholm on the other side of 2015 and can't wait to tell you all about the magical Snowball!

I'll start with why I ended up going. First of all, it's known as one of the best events out there. No questions about it, if you get the chance to go, book it. You don't even have to keep reading, just go block out those dates for 2015 right now. Second of all, I had just decided to leave school. I was in a masters program for dance movement therapy and realized it wasn't the place for me, at least not for the moment. That could be a topic for a whole other post if this was a different kind of blog, but we're here to talk about swing outs! Anyway, I chose to use the opportunity of having some time available to hop on a plane to the most sparkly place I could think of. Snowflakes, fancy dress-ups, over-taxed champagne, confetti, gigantic blonde people… What else could a girl ask for?

Oh yeah, LINDY HOP! My goodness, there was some spectacular dancing at Snowball. Click to continue reading –>