ריקוד סווינג


Swing is the Jazz music of the Swing Era (1920s-‘40s) which began in New Orleans and New York. A unique family of dances developed in tandem with the music, including the Charleston, Lindy Hop and more. Over the years, Swing dancing has developed and today includes Blues and Authentic Jazz.

Like swing music, swing dancing is based on African-American rhythms. It’s energetic, joyful, and embraces improvisation and self-expression.

The swing-craze lasted up until the ‘40s. With the outbreak of World War II, Swing music gave way to Bebop and Rock and Roll eclipsed Swing dancing.

In the 80’s, a group of dancers from Sweden, England and the United States decided to bring swing back. They tracked down the remaining original dancers and set in motion the swing revival that continues today.

Today, swing is a global phenomenon. Dance communities exist all over the world (including Africa and the Far East). Swing dance festivals with hundreds of international participants and teachers are held every week!

In 2007, Swing it (formerly Holy Lindy Land) instructors brought swing dancing to Israel and since then have been dedicated to teaching and building a community. Today the community consists of hundreds of members, and we’re still growing!

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Swing it specializes in swing dancing. Our course schedule includes two main tracks – Lindy Hop and Charleston, alongside other styles such as Blues, Authentic Jazz, and Balboa. Beginner classes open regularly in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Haifa.